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Refurbished Welding Robots

Rice MFG RMAW60-72 (New)

Arcmate 100ib

Welding Robot

Arcmate 120ib

Welding Robot

Arcmate 100ic

Arcmate 100ic/6L

Welding Robot

Arcmate 120ic

Welding Robot

Welding Cells

Starter Stand

Houses Robot, Welder, and controller all on an easy to move skid.  Any robot can be fitted to the starter stand.

Single Sided Weld Cell

Need a fully turn key robotic weld cell.  This cell has everything you need ready to weld with all the safety integrated into the controller.  This cell can house any robot.

Cell add ons

Manual 180 Degree Rotator

Load one side while the robot welds the other

Modular Table System

Want to have a flexible system.  Have as many table and jigs as you want.