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Single Sided Cell


Weld Cell Specs

  1. Single Opening Design
  2. Heavy Tubular Frame
  3. Machinery Floor Mounts
  4. 4" Tubular Fixture Table 1/4" Top 4"x4" Hole Pattern
  5. 6' Tall walls with see though weld curtain
  6. Safety Light Curtain integrated into controller
  7. Robot Controller & Welder Mounted on rear for easy movement
  8. Single Power Point
  9. All Power cables, ground cables, and wire conduit routed
  10. Requires minimal floor space
  11. Can be fitted to any robot
  12. Comes Ready to weld
  13. Sliding/Removable Front Weld Curtain for full arc supression

Single Side Cell Downloads

SS Cell - 1 (PDF)