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Rice RMAW60-72

  • Ethernet Motion Control
  • USB Controller Compatibility
  • 60" Reach - 72" Reach
  • Lincoln Powerwave 455m Welder/Megmeet Power supply
  • Lincoln Robotic Wire Feeder/Megmeet Robotic Wire Feeder
  • ArcTec European Style Gun with collision detection Head
  • Hollow Wrist Design 360 Degree J-6 Rotation
  • Touch Sensing-Seam Tracking
  • Robust Heavy Duty Design
  • Ready to weld
  • Weld Cell Upgrade Available

Multiple Units in stock

Steel Welding

Aluminum Welding

Rice MFG Robot PDF

Rice MFG Robot Brochure (pdf)


Standard Weld Cells (pdf)


Powerwave 455M Specs (pdf)


Megmeet Welding Brochure (pdf)


Pendant Overview

Rice MFG Welding Robot Pendant Overview

Welding - Weaving Parameters

Rice MFG Welding Robot Welding-Weaving Parameters

Programming Linear Welds

Rice MFG Welding Robot Linear Welding

Programming Circular Welds

 Circular Programming on Rice MFG Welding robot